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Author of two novels and a creative memoir.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Teeny Weeny Campervan

Writing on the Road: Campervan Love and the Joy of Solitude will be at the Aye Write! book festival in Glasgow on Tuesday 15th March at 6pm in the Mitchell Library. Books will be available for sale even though the official publication date isn't until 7th April. The description of the event doesn't cover the multitude of sins and blessings within the book, so come along and get the full flavour of my regular escape route to sanity and writing (arguably the same thing) in a tiny Romahome campervan.

Tickets are available here. You'll also find information about my accomplice, Lorraine Wilson. She too needed to escape from her daily life. Instead of campervans, she chose trains and spent three months travelling solo round Europe. It promises to be an interesting event.

The picture above shows my little Romahome in the foreground, my neighbours' copycat van to the left, and a removal lorry at the back which mine is trying to dwarf.